Key Benefits of Content Management

- Organisational Benefits
- Technical Benefits
- Cost Benefits

Organisational Benefits

  • Gain independence - you're not relying on someone else to run your business
  • Update content when you need to, not when someone else has time
  • Centralise storage of content
  • Standardise content delivery processes to establish consistency of quality
  • Respond quickly to customer demand
  • Global access for easy content changes

Technical Benefits

  • Separate content from presentation, allowing easy re-designing or modification of layout for
  • Easily deliver content to different channels, or personalise it for one-to-one customer contact
  • Quickly and cheaply build new web interfaces

Cost Benefits

  • Update content within your organisation, don't pay someone else
  • Accelerate development times and lower building costs by avoiding the need to create custom software
  • Lower the requirement for desktop-based content software
  • Lower the need to invest in speclialised web development skills (either internally or via consultants)